National “Chinese Bridge” Competition

Compete for a range of awards and prizes through the Mandarin language and your cultural knowledge of China! The first two overall winners will receive sponsored travel to China to compete in the International "Chinese Bridge" Final! 

Τhe “Chinese Bridge” Competition is a large-scale international contest sponsored by Hanban, and is well-known in the cultural and educational exchanges worldwide. The competition is held yearly, organized and carried out by the Organizing Committee.

In recent years, the “Chinese Bridge” Competition is carried out by Hanban in cooperation with local governments, and presented to the public through TV broadcast, which has achieved good effects. So far, the “Chinese Bridge” Competition has attracted more than 1.000.000 college students from over 130 countries participating in the semi-finals and finals in China. 

The “Chinese Bridge” Competition aims to arouse the enthusiasm of students in various countries in learning Chinese and strengthen the world's understanding of Chinese language and culture. At present, the competition has become an important platform for college students of various countries to learn Chinese language and learn about China. It builds a communication bridge between young people of China and other countries. Just as the words of Liu Siwen, first place winner of the 8th “Chinese Bridge” - Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students, “The ‘Chinese Bridge’ brings us a kind of luck. I will keep the luck and the friends in my heart. We will get together again, because our future will surely link with China.”


Who can take part in the competition?

Participants of a non-native Chinese speaking background will be eligible to compete in the Chinese Bridge Competition.

Participants must:

  • Be between 18-30 years old (for the Competition for Higher Education students)
  • Be a non-Chinese national
  • Be born and raised outside of China
  • Do not have Chinese as their mother tongue
  • Not to be a finalist of the International Competition "Chinese Bridge" during the previous year of the competition



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