YCT (Youth Chinese Test)

The Chinese name for the YCT is 中小学生汉语考试 (zhōng xiǎo xué shēng hàn yǔ kǎo shì) which stands for ‘Middle and Primary School Students’ Chinese Language Exam’.

The YCT or Youth Chinese Test is similar to the HSK exam but is specifically designed for children under the age of 16 whose mother tongue is not Chinese.

The results of the test can serve various purposes:

  1. A method for Chinese language learners to assess and improve their proficiency in Chinese.
  2. A reference for Chinese language training in schools.
  3. A method for Chinese language training institutions to evaluate training results.
  4. A benchmark for students who want to participate in the HSK test.

Like the HSK, none of the exams has to be taken at the same time, and lists of vocabulary are available in advance so students know what to learn.

The ABCI is a registered and authorised Chinese Language Testing Centre from YCT 1 through to YCT 4 and YCT Oral Test (Basic and Intermediate Level).



There are 4 levels for writing, getting slightly more difficult with each level, and 2 for speaking (primary and intermediate levels).

YCT-Level 1: Test takers who are able to pass the YCT (Level 1) can understand and use some of the most common Chinese phrases and sentences and possess the ability to further their Chinese language studies.

YCT-Level 2: Test takers who are able to pass the YCT (Level 2) can understand and use some simple Chinese phrases and sentences and cope with basic level communications.

YCT-Level 3: Test takers who are able to pass the YCT (Level 3), having reached an excellent level in basic Chinese, can communicate on familiar daily topics in a simple manner.

YCT-Level 4: Test takers who are able to pass the YCT (Level 4) can communicate on a basic level in several different aspects of life and would be able to communicate if taking a trip to China.

The oral test includes YCT-Speaking (Basic) and YCT-Speaking (Intermediate).

 Equivalent to HSKTest DurationTotal ScorePassing ScoreVocabulary Words
YCT Level 1
35 minutes


YCT Level 2
HSK Level 1
50 minutes


YCT Level 3
HSK Level 2
60 minutes



YCT Level 4
HSK Level 3
85 minutes



YCT Speaking (Basic)
19 minutes


YCT Speaking (Intermediate)
21 minutes




The examination fees for each level are as follows:

YCT Exam Level

Fee (€)

YCT 1 Written Exam


YCT 2 Written Exam


YCT 3 Written Exam


YCT 4 Written Exam


YCT Oral Test - Basic Level


YCT Oral Test - Intermediate Level


YCT TEST Registration and Payment

Ι. To successfully register for the test, please follow the steps


Log into the website


User Registration

Register as a Test Taker. If you don’t have an account, click on ‘New User’ to create one. Remember your Username and Password. Complete the gaps as required (name, date of birth, native language etc)

Test Registration

Select the test level, form (paper-based), test center and date.

Fill in your personal information

Fill in your name, nationality, information of your identity certificate etc.

Upload a photo

Upload a standard, 2-inch identification photo in a JPG format not larger than 100KB.

Confirm the registration information

Select “Confirm and Submit”.

Pay the test fee

After registering online, pay the test fee before the registration deadline by direct deposit to the Athens Business Confucius Institute account at National Bank of Greece. You can do this at any National Bank branch, via an ATM or via web/mobile banking through your own bank. If there is no evidence of a money transfer before the registration deadline , then your registration is unfortunately invalid and you cannot take part in the examination. After you have paid, the test cannot be cancelled.

The name of the examinee should appear in the ‘Αιτιολογία’ field on the bank deposit slip or web/mobile banking transaction form.

You will need the following information for direct deposit and web banking:

Bank Name:  

Account holder: 

Account Number: 


Transaction Purpose:   

National Bank of Greece

OPA / ELKE / Business Confucius Institute of Athens

110 / 4 8015 124

GR20 0110 1100 0000 1104 8015 124

The name of the examinee & YCT Level


Collect/Print the test Admission Ticket

Ten days before the exam date, log into and print your test admission ticket (Personal Information Center->Test Taker Information->Print). On the test date, you must bring and present your printed test admission ticket and identity certificate.

Click here to download a Reference Admission Ticket Sample.

YCT Vocabulary and Exam Sample Papers

Each level of the YCT has a different amount of vocabulary to learn. The vocabulary addresses everyday words from numbers to body parts. The great thing is if you’re going to take another test, you’ll have already learned over half the vocabulary for the test! Each level builds on the existing words you know, for example, YCT has 159 words, but in fact, it’s only 76!

YCT Level 1

The YCT Level 1 is intended for children who have mastered a vocabulary of about 80. Passed examinees can understand and use very basic Chinese words and sentences, and able to study further Chinese.


YCT Level 1 Test Paper and Audio

YCT Level 3

The YCT Level 3 is intended for children who have mastered a vocabulary of about 300. Passed examinees can produce simple and direct communication of their familiar day to day topic; reach the primary merit level of Chinese.


YCT Level 3 Test Paper and Audio

YCT Level 2

The YCT Level 2 is intended for children who have mastered a vocabulary of about 150. Passed examinees can understand and use very basic Chinese words and sentences, capable of very basic communication needs.


YCT Level 2 Test Paper and Audio

YCT Level 4

The YCT Level 4 is intended for children who have mastered a vocabulary of about 600 and above. Passed examinees can carry out basic communication tasks of life, study and work. They can answer most communication tasks during a travel in China.


YCT Level 4 Test Paper and Audio

All levels include pinyin except for PART 2 of YCT 4.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why take a YCT exam?

Taking the YCT is a great way for our young learners to demonstrate their progress.

If you enjoy studying Chinese, or you’re studying Chinese at school, the YCT is a great way to see what level you’re at. The YCT will also help with the following:

  • To communicate if you take a trip to China
  • To apply for a scholarship to study in China
  • It’ll look good when you apply for college/university
  • Learning Chinese has been proven to help with other subjects and taking exams in general!



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